Dear Friends:
As many of you are aware the Historic Independence Woman’s Club needs some tender loving care. We are looking for donations and help for our community to restore the building back to it’s old glory. We are a small Service Club who has been in the Community of Independence since 1914. The Service Club helped form the first PTA in Independence in fact providing financial support for about 5 years until it could become self-sufficient. The Club formed to clean up the town of Independence as well as help with forming the original park in Independence and the very first Public Library (which is still standing). In 1927 we were blessed with this wonderful older church built in 1868 and moved it to its permanent site at 340 S Third, Independence, Oregon. As the years have gone by it clearly needs some help.
We are looking for donations of material or monetary support to help bring it back to where it should be.

  • Repaint and refurbish the exterior of the building.
  • Repaint the interior and take down the old wall paper and restore the wood behind the wall paper.
  • New furnace (right now it is an older gas furnace) looking at cost factors we have determined electric would be better (ductless system) that also provides comfort in the summer months.
  • Tear out and redo the bathroom (this room was the last addition to the building and clearly needs some help)

If you are willing to help by providing material or if you are a company that would like to take on a project please let us know. We will make arrangements for you to tour the building and see what needs to be completed. Any help monetary or material or donation of your time if greatly appreciated. We are small in stature but strong in our community involvement. We now are not only providing this as a safe rental facility but also still do projects for the community as well as in Polk County as a whole.

We Thank You in advance of any donation that you can give to our Historic Independence Woman’s Club. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you wish to come and see what needs to be done.

Donations can be sent directly to Independence Woman’s Club, PO Box 392, Independence, OR 97351.